USAC Sport Climbing Competition–April 1, 2017

USAC SPORT CLIMBING COMPETITION HOSTED BY GRANITE ARCH Granite Arch Climbing Center will be hosting a USAC sport climbing competition on Saturday, April 1st.  Registration for competitors opens at 10:00 with climbing commencing at 11:00 am and ending at 3:00 pm.  A raffle drawing and awards ceremony will follow. Please note: the main room and certain[…]

The Fantastic Tahoe Rim Trail

Like most good things, you must wait, and The Tahoe Rim Trail proves it. The loop trail was not completed until September 2001. The 164-mile loop trail encircles glorious Lake Tahoe in all its splendor. Like most good things, you must wait, and The Tahoe Rim Trail proves it. The loop trail was not completed[…]

Hiking For Better Health – 3 Great Reasons to Start Hiking

Have you ever been traveling, looked out the window and noticed the most beautiful spot you’ve ever seen? Why not get up close and personal by hiking there?  Grab these 3 great reasons to start hiking today! Hiking for better health would be a great reason to start experiencing nature first hand. Doctors recommend walking[…]

An Introduction to The Art of Bouldering

Bouldering is a kind of rock climbing which involves relatively short climbing distances made without a rope and without any special climbing equipment. While people climbing the face of a boulder are generally only going up a few meters, the surfaces that they climb are chosen for being particularly difficult to scale. In the United[…]

Stability and Mobility Training

…or “why you should stop doing everything else until you get this.” Written by by Steve Bechtel, a veteran climber and performance coach. Probably the most important training a climber can do away from the crag is to [try to] injury-proof himself. This can include a whole host of treatments, but for the average joe, it[…]

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