Effective FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2020 Granite Arch must once again close until further notice due to the mandated closure of indoor activities of climbing centers and fitness facilities. The closure has been imposed by the State of California, the California Public Health Department and the County of Sacramento.

As many of you know, Granite Arch joined a coalition of the climbing centers in California in an effort to show the general public and policy makers indoor climbing is no riskier than going to your local grocery store or home improvement center with respect to transmitting or contracting COVID. When you recognize that reality and couple it with the fact climbing provides very positive health and wellness benefits to participants, it makes sense for climbing centers to remain open and available in the midst of the pandemic.

Our representatives met with state public health officials November 5th and did a great job presenting our case. We remain hopeful the state officials will agree with us and re-classify climbing centers, like Granite Arch, allowing us to remain open in some capacity regardless of the county tier assignment. Stay tuned…

Please check back here, or on our Facebook or Instagram pages, for updates on our status.

Thank you for your understanding.

The GA Team