Spring Training: Take off your fat from Winter Hibernation

Spring Training: Take off your fat from Winter Hibernation

The days are longer, warmer and the snow is melting. Its Spring Training time baby! It’s time to bust out the gym shoes, or hiking boots in my case, and get to work. The warmer weather and sunny skies are just beckoning to me “Come outside and play!”

gone-hiking-1403317It’s finally here, Spring, and it’s time to get back into awesome shape. The days are brighter and better and it’s time to get back into shape with Spring exercise.

It’s time to bust out the gym shoes, or hiking boots in my case, and get to work. The weather is warm and the skies are sunny just beckoning for you to get outside and play!”

However, I’ve got a confession, I have been looking in the mirror noticing the fine winter coat that I have seemed to put on over the last few months. All the months of being trapped, cooped up in the house with nothing to do but eat and watch TV has taken its toll on my poor body.

Even with the sunny skies outside, it can be hard to be motivated to do anything with such a coat on, especially spring training.

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Dressing For Outdoor Training in the Spring Weather.

Fitness in the spring can be a challenge thanks to our wonderfully varied weather; one minute rain, then hail, then snow and finally a few minutes of sunshine.

The beautiful thing about spring weather is that of you don’t like it wait about 10 minutes and it will change! So what ever outdoor activity you are doing just be prepared.

Spring Training

Dress in layers that you can change quickly. Start with a light quick drying base layer that wicks away moisture. Always remember NO Cotton. Cotton does not dry quickly enough.

For your next layer pile on the clothes to make the layer heavier. On top you should have a light shirt under a heavier long sleeve shirt followed by a light/medium weight jacket. You should top off with a water repellent outer jacket or a light rain slicker. You want to be able to add and remove these layers quickly and easily.

What you wear on you bottom half will depend on how warm or cool your body runs. I ideally do not want to have to change anything on the bottom so try to keep it simple: shorts or leggings underneath shorts, sweats, work out pants, etc.

A simple rule of thumb for dressing for a Spring Training: be a little cool or slightly chilly starting out and remember the rain jacket!

Getting Motivated for Spring Training!

So how do you get motivated, stay motivated and start your own Spring Training in spite of the winter coat and the various weather patterns?

First get excited! Find several activities that you really enjoy and get excited about. There are a lot of things to do this time of year: walking, hiking, biking, climbing, running, etc. You can even still enjoy snow sports in the higher elevations: skiing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Second plan the execution of your activity and don’t take bad weather as an excuse to deny yourself your planned activity. Be sure and have a plan b and allow for flexibility. Be determined to get your workout in no matter what.

  • If you planned to rollerblade a section of the Centennial Trail but it is hailing (its hard to roll over little balls of ice!) Then walk instead or move it inside and go to the local roller rink!
  • If you planned to rock climb at Minnehaha but it is raining and cold then find a trail to hike instead or move your climb to the indoor crag downtown.
  • If you had your heart set on a hiking a mountain trail but you get there and snow is still covering the trail , bonus! Break out the snowshoes and hit the trail anyway.

Remember that you are doing this spring training for your physical health as well as your mental well being. You will feel better knowing you were not derailed from your commitment to yourself.

If all this seems too complicated but you still want to get active and shed your winter coat then seek the help of a coach to shortcut the process.

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