Granite Arch conducts events for corporate and business groups, or even just a group of interested adults. These events involve climbing and other activities specifically designed to promote teamwork, communication, group problem solving and trust within your team or group. More commonly referred to as team building exercises, your group will navigate their way through a series of obstacles and challenges requiring both physical and mental effort. From the moment you venture into Granite Arch each person will embark on a journey of learning, discovery and growth that will take a group of individuals and transform them into a cohesive team, all while having a great deal of fun.



  • ADVANCE RESERVATION REQUIRED; call 916-852-ROCK(7625) for available times, dates and pricing structure.
  • Weekdays only; event must be finished by 4:00pm; arrangements can be made for starting time as early as 9:00am.
  • Minimum group size required: 10
  • Wear comfortable clothing (i.e. loose fitting so it doesn’t restrict your movement) and appropriate footwear (“tennis” or athletic shoes work best).
  • All abilities are encouraged to participate.
  • Prices range from $30.00/participant (2 hours) up to $40.00/participant (4 hours)
  • 50% non-refundable deposit required for reservation.
  • Waivers required for all participants.  PLEASE NOTE: if any one participating is under the age of 18, their waiver MUST BE SIGNED BY THEIR PARENT OR COURT APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN.  SORRY, THE LEGAL GUYS SAY THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS REQUIREMENT.